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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Placing the blame where it lies!

AS the continuing suspense builds over the "stupidquester" and the cuts it will bring, it is VERY appropiate thsat as this matter progresses that blame is placed where it should lie over the issue, and that is with the congressional republicans! Simply put you cant blame the presidents leadership when you have made plain and clear PUBLICALLY, that you will not follow that lead! When you have said publically that you hope he fails and you will do everything you can to insure he fails!!! But that being said, it is to the president's fault that he continues to attempt to work with people who have no intention of working with him! What more do you need to convince you of their intentions President Obama?! Must they, like Caesar, stab you to death on the floor of the Senate(or House) before you understand? America is in danger, and that danger is not from the Chinese, it is not from the Russians, and it is not from the North Koreans! Its not from Al queda, or from the middle east!! The danger, the clear and PRESENT danger to America, is from the Republican party of America, who for politics sake, and for politial reasons, continue to deny the  importance of the PRESENT  economic situation of America!!!! There are millions unemployed, millions who are using social services, and millions homeless! And there are millions more who may join them due to actions like the "stupidquester"!! and for that and so much more it is time to place the blame where it lies, and it lies squarely with the REPUBLICAN party!!!! Because it is their political stubborness and avarice that is deny America the real action it needs during this difficult economic and social time!!!

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