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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Time Rush!

 AS the republicans continue to put the rush on everything in order to maintain the image of fiscal responsibility, I would say that what they continue to do, and threaten America with, is the height of irresponsibility!!!! America, has for the last five years, struggled out of a recession. A recession mind you ,of repubican making! Arecession that put millions out of work, and out of their homes, a recession that nearly destroyed the American economic system! So what do the republicans do? Take actions that could destroy the American economic system of course!!!! Simply put it is time for the Posturing to end. The republicans just lost one election BIG, due to this posturing, and in 2014, if this contin ues they are set to lose another!!! It's time for the republican party to end the Big time rush they are putting on the American people regarding the defict! It's time to actually show some fiscal responsibility as opposed to posturing about it, because the fact is that the sequester and the Massive cuts that they would apply to America and Americans is the heigh of irresponsibility! You cant plan for the future by destroying the now! You cant build for the future by destroying the foundation of today! And it is time that the republicans stop with the politics, and the political posturing and accept that fact! We cant balance the budget of tomorrow on the backs of the poor, the elderly and the children of today! Today first and tomorrow later republicans!!!!!! End the Big Time Rush!!!!

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