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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thorw the bums out!!(the republicans and the stupidquester

Remember a short 5 years ago, when things like" Sequester", and "Fiscal Cliff" werent even  part of the American lexicon? And when the "Debt Ceiling" and shutting down the Gov. werent even the republican agenda and or radar? Well that was Pre Obama of course, and now, as we have come to know in this Post republican controlled world, the sins of the republicans are , as usual, visited on us all due to the republican party being out of power! When America, are we going to say enough is enough? How many times will we look on  as the republicans, for politics sake, take the american economy and the american people to the brink of a economic abyss?!! How many children and families, how many seniors, must live in a never ending world of political fear and fearmongering due to the political posturing of the republican party?! When will enough be enough America!!!? We as a nation took a bold step into the future when ,in 2009, we collectively threw the bums out! The republicans were uncerimoniosly thrown out of political power in America, and we, as a nation were the better for it!! We began to clean up their mess, and take the actions needed to make this nation a better place for all, not just a minute percent of us! But then, capitializing of the naievete of a fledgling and new president, and the racist(yes I said it) backlash against said new president being of a certain color, the republicans, who were soundly rejected by americans eager for change, resurged to power on the backs of the hateful, the racist, the intolerant, the bigoted, and the completely crazy! Which has lead us back full circle! For five years now the republicans have done everything they can to regain their political status and power, and it has come at the expense and security of the American people!!! And it is time for every American to say enough! It is time for the republican party to stop holding America hostage to their political desires!! Its time for them to show a true measure of responsibility and decency! Not to politics and political gain, but to the nation and the people of same! NO STUPIDQUESTER!!!! Enough is ENOUGH!!!!!

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