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Monday, February 11, 2013

State of the Union pre analysis

AS President Obama prepares to Give his first State of the union  speech in his second term, It is hoped that he will return to one of the primary advents of his first term, and use the bully pulpit of the speech to advocate for the "fierce urgency of now" as it pertains to politics and policy in America! Because it must be prioritized and made understood on capitol hill in America that there are over 12 million people who are unemployed NOW! That there are kids  dying by guns and under the threat of gun violence NOW! That poor and elderly people are concerned about what the future holds for them, the near future as in tomorrow , NOW!!!
For four years due to politics sake, the state of this Union has been one of question doubt and fear, but now, as President Barrack Obama begins his second term as the American president, he must use this opportunity to reassure America! Reassure that we wont morgage away the security of today for the future, as the republican party has so politically painted! The fierce urgency of Now! Because it must be understood ,especially on capitiol hill, that NOW is the future! And that America cannot afford to ignore the concerns of today in order to preserve the future!
Simply put ,without today there will be no tomorrow! NOW cannot be sequestered, Now cannot be cut, now cannot be reduced! The stakes and human costs are too high to pay! The state of the union is both hopeful and concerned, and tomorrow, it will be up to President Obama to reassure the nation that the fierce urgency of now is also PRIORITY!!!

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