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Saturday, February 9, 2013

When Right is wrong( The new republican Push for "minorities")

I dont know whether to be appalled or insulted by the new push from the Republican Party towards minorities, but I think one glaring fact says it all! The republicans main focus , main reason for this new minority outreach is not in the cause of minorities, is not in the support and advancement of minority issues and interests, but it is in the interest, the POLITICAL interest of the republican party! Another case of the repubican party thinking they are doing it right, and getting it completely wrong! And isnt this the same party that scant months ago was lambasting the "47 percent" for being bought and sold in this manner by the Democrats? This new political outreach by the republicans towards minorities is insulting and self serving! Its not being made in the intersts of minorities  and If the republican party does indeed want to forestall its eventual marginalization, it will have to make a radical change within itself! A change that does actually put the concerns and interests of minorties as a priority as opposed to the political interests of the republican party! Because this self serving left turn by the right is being done for all the wrong reasons!!!!!

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