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Monday, February 25, 2013

Massive resistance 2013( Whats really to blame for the Stupidquester!)

AS Black History Month comes to a close, we in America can use history to answer some of the inane questions that the present tends to offer us concerning the continual financial crisises that are perpetually arising from Capitol Hill in America! For instance, back in the 60's after the courts forced intergration of the schools in the south, In BACKLASH to that effort, the powers that be in the south, determined to resist CHANGE & PROGRESS, embarked upon a program of "Massive Resistance" to intergration in schools among  other things! This massive resistance program brought the full legislative weight and co-operation between agencies of power, and people with same ,against the betterment of the qualitiy of life for people of color, and in clear defiance of the law of the land! This resistance lead to the shutting down of Governments and government facilties among other things! Sound familiar? It should, since the republican party and the congress of same since 2009 have been engaged in "Massive resistance" against President Barack Obama and his administrations legislative efforts!!! This is not speculation, this is a FACT, and has been a fact exemplified in statements from republican leaders like Mitch Mcconnell, and countless republican figures like Rush Limbaugh! It has created political Movements like the "Tea" party! History repeating itself shamefully in America!! And the fact that this continuing policy of Massive Resistance continues to be ignored, even by journalistic Icons like Bob Woodward, only proves that America still has a long way to go in its journey to becoming a more perfect union! But that aside, the FACT remains that it is the MASSIVE RESISTANCE ,and that alone, lead by the republican party that has since 2009 put the American people and the economy of America in continued jepoardy!! And until Journalists like Bob Woodward call the republicans on the carpet for this "policy" America will continue to be damaged by it! MASSIVE RESISTANCE the more things change------!!!!

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