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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Stupidquester aftermath!(politics as usual!)

With the abject failure of Congress to do its duty, with the republicans back in obstructionist mode, and with the Obama White House as passive as usual, we in America are once againt back to square one! With the "stupidquester" now offically the law of the land, we in america have to suffer due to the political idea and ideal that the problems of the future are more important than the problems of the now!!We in the PRESENT with over 12 million unemployed, millions  more than that on economic and social assistance, thousands of newly minted veterans coming home and so much more, we, in the PRESENT have been forced, due to a failed political agenda fermented by republicans, to bear the  burden of the future now, so that future generations do not have to!!!! SO , according to the republicans who led this effort, the future is far more important than addressing the issues of the now! And this somehow makes them better legislators, ignoring the issues and the problems americans face today, in order to save "the Future"!!!??   What about the millions unemployed today? The millions uninsured today? The millions who require and cannot live without Governmental assistance right now? This Blind ignorance displayed by the republicans on Capitol hill, is only heightened by the fact that THEY, and they alone were the prime mover in brining this "stupidquester "into being! And it is that fact which they should and will bear responsibility for in 2014!!!! Simply put the "stupidquester" is nothing more than Politics as usual, the continuance of the never ending cycle of  the republican party pursuing total control in America at ANY COST!!! And if we in America are ever going to end this cycle of politics as usual, then in 2014 we need to throw the republicans out of power and out of congress!!!! Remember the "stupidquester"!!! And remember Just  who it was, what party it was that put the people of tomorrow as a political priority over the people and problems of today!!!!!!!

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