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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Q & A(questions and answers)

Hello Folks, Im back! Let's have a little Q & A about whats going on in politics today!
Q: Whats the differance between Paul Ryan & Sarah Palin? A: Lipstick!! 15 mins and counting Paul! Q: What has the republican party done to address the social issues of America IE: unemployment, homelessness, poverty? A: Nothing! Q: Is the anti-gun control lobby being willingly exploited for political gain?A: Hell yes!!!Q: Is President Karzi of Afghanistgan a Pain in the ass?: Yes, and a dead man walking as well! Q: Is North Korea writing a check it cant cash? A: Yes, this aint the 1950's!!!! you better slow your roll Kim jong Un! and you can keep Dennis Rodman by the way!Q:Is the debate about who is running for President in 2016 taking away from the issues of today? A: YES! how about dealing with today people? From congress to the media, all they are talking about is the future! There are people unemployed today, people homeless today! Let's make today priority, and deal with tomnorrow when it comes!!!!Q: Was the soda ban a overreach By Bloomberg? A: Hell yes! Get a clue Mayor Bloomberg, focus on the good fights like gun control!!!! Leave personal choice alone! Q: is that the last question?A: Yes!~ Later people!

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