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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Endless repetition(republican budgeting)

Flash back to the 80's where after 12 years of "Trickle down" economics America finds itself in a recession and a unemployment emergency! A economic state so drastic that even the scoring of a major and merited military victory couldnt save the presidency of then president George H. W. Bush!  Then, 8 years later, after the democratic lead greatest economic expansion in modern American history, The republican party was handed Surpluses in both employment and fianances! A grand american state that the republicans  turned completely around and down in 8 short years!!! And now here we are, once again with the republicans ready to continue down the destructive path that they have been known to travel throught modern history! Simply put, republican budgeting doesnt work! Didnt work for Reagan, didnt work for Bush 1, didnt work for Newt Gingrich, and it didnt work for Bush 2!! And it wont work for Paul Ryan!! This is not speculation, this is HISTORICAL FACT!!!! America cannot afford the endless repetition of economic ineptitude and failure that is republican budgeting, and republican economic strategy!!! When will America get tired of deficits, and high unemployment? Because that is the REPUBLICAN specialty! This is not politics or opinion its HISTORICAL FACT!!!! And with the Facts being so clearly against the republicans, so too should America be against them!! Enough is enough dont you think America?! Are we really going to drink this economic poison yet again?

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