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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fighting fire with fire!

Yesterday the deafening silence that has been the democratic response to the media onslaught and siege waged upon them by the Republicans/Tea parties was broken in a big way as President Obama got very loud and very in your face with the republicans and their policies. And to be frank, that is what has been missing both from the Democrats and in the media, the other side of the story. While the Dems dont enjoy the luxury of a propaganda wing(Fox news) They still should have long ago made some kind of effort to get their side of the story out for public consumption.But I guess if they had done so they wouldnt be the Dems Ive known and watched snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory so many times in the past! But what the repsident did yesterday was a telling point and it will be interesting to see if he presses those points in the next sixty days, for indeed he must! Because this is his agenda, his political future at stake! A massive republican victory in Nov means in all likelihood that he may be a one term president, or a very ineffective 2 termer. They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future. And its clear that the dems have yet to learn that the republicans are single minded when it comes to political power,   that they plan  and strategize from day one and clearly their strategizing is paying off once again! Like them or not, they are a well oiled political machine and if the dems, excuse my cantonese dont get their sh-t together, Both they & Americaa re going to once more be in the dog house! So I was very heartened to see Obama finally beginning to fight fire with fire here.  I was hopeful to see him calling a spade a spade as it pertained to republican policies and republican agendas. Because the only way this election will be won is thru confrontation, with the dems voice getting as loud as the republicans has been, the only way this election will be won is with the dems calling out the republicans as much as they have been calling out the dems on the issues, the only way this election will be won, and the legislative future secured is for the Democrats to fight fire with fire! So to President Obama for the Next 60 days its time to burn baby burn! And let your fire light the way for the Democrats!

And speaking of fire, once against the ugliness and stupidity of racism raises its head in america as some idiot preacher decided he's going to burn islamic bibles for 9/11. Genius move, just what the world needs more hate & violence spread in the name of "God" Nice to know that we are, in america, so ready to sink to the depths of hate that those who wrought 9/11/01  were so ready and willing to do! Youre not calling attention to radical islam, only american hate and racism! We must never forget 9/11/01 but commemorating it with hatred and ignorance is a insult to all those who died, and to all that we stand for and fight for in America! 9/11/01 was about hate, blind and unreasoning. Ring a bell Islamic bible burners?

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