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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chaos ,or would you like some sugar with that tea?

It seems that the tea party has brought the true nature of Chaos to the republican party. Choas, knows no party, has no allegience. Chaos only breeds chaos.Chaos feeds upon itself, and when you have the lLikes of Michelle Malkin, who worshipped at the altar of Karl Rove for all 8 years of the Bush administration rebuking her Lord in the manner in which she did on National TV last evening. You can see what sort  havoc that the chaos which is the tea party is reaping with the republican establishment! Nationwide, the question facing the republican establishment is What is happening? And the answer quite simply is :CHAOS! And who will bring order to this chaos come Nov? Looks  more and more like the Democrats! Michelle Malkin attacking Karl Rove?Whats next, Rush Limbaugh endorsing Obama?

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