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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Deja vu?

So the republicans have  made a promise to America. Is it anything like the infamous Contract with America?Is it all about tax cuts and all the other republican mantras that we've heard so many times before, mantras and ideas that in every decade for the last 40 years have led america to ruin and financial insolvency? If that is what their promise entails and it does, All America should, In the words of our former first lady ( and fellow red afficinado)Nancy Reagan  JUST SAY NO!!!!! We've been down this road before with the republican party, we allready know where it leads, or has America forgotten the Gingrich led shutdown of the Gov in 1996?
So why in the h-e double hockey sticks would we, as a nation, consider going this route again? The promise the republican party is offering to America is to continue to cut taxs for the rich, abandon govermental responsibility, and leave all those who are poor, or disenfranchised, or not a certain color, to fend for themselves! We know this truth to be self evident because we've see it all before. Now the only question is America: Do we want to see it again?

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