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Friday, November 11, 2011

Politics & the new morality

You are hearing it here first people, the next big political issue will not, be jobs, or the economy, or foreign Policy. The next major issue that will be of political concern in America will be the new Morality of America. And make no mistake it will be a battlefield issue! In the past few months we have seen Veterans booed, the death penalty cheered and supported whether applied fairly or no, we have had abandonemt of responsibilty to our brethern supported and, weve had the unemployed told to blame themselves! We've had protestors beaten and derided and we've had people seeking justice against immorality regarded as immoral themselves!!! Whats is going on in this nation?Have we abandoned all sense of decorum, all sense of decency? This Penn State issue has put a spotlight on the new morality in America, and it is not a pretty sight! Be it this Penn State issue, the issues that fuel Occupy wall street, the Herman Cain scandal, continued racism and so much more, there seems to be a problem with morality in America and it can directly be attributed to the politics of the day! And this new "conservatism" where the challenging of the status quo is challenged itself is something that must be dealt with, and in the coming election those who support such conduct must be addressed! Because this America where the status quo trumps morality, is more important than justice, where the status quo takes predecense and priority over the safety of children is not America that can lead the world, and it is not a America where democracy can live!!!! The new morality THAT is the greatest danger this nation now faces!!!

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