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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Politics leadership & the OWS(Occupy Wall Street Movement)

With the continued strengthening of the OWS(Occupy Wall Street) movement world wide, I think that it is time for a comprehensive overview of what it means for Politcs, what it says about leadership, and what the movement itself pertains!!!
! As far as politics goes ,OWS is and will be a game changer!OWS is not the wolf in sheeps clothing that The Tea party was and is, and it must be clear to anyone and everyone that it is OWS and not the TEA who will be the differance maker in the 2012 elections. As far as leadership goes, there has been a clear and sustained failure by leadership to address the OWS movement, indeed leaders have avoidied it, and simply hoped it will go away, but in the words of Sarah Palin, How is that workin for ya? Bloomberg completely dropped the ball, and indeed his failure and policy towards the OWS movement is what created the failed template of violence and police action that has exacerbated the problem nationally and indeed internationally! This is a major issue, you cant police it way, or jail it away!It is long past time for leaders to engage the OWS movement! Its time to bring them to the table, and discuss the issues!Its time to bring them into the democratic process and I will be the first to say it, the leader who does this will be the leader who reaps the political benefits! And as to the OWS movement itself, simply put, as it grows larger, it threatens to collapse under its own weight! Its own collective nature being the greatest threat to its success. We are indeed the 99, many speaking as one, but it is time for that voice to congeal, it  is time for the point that has been sharpened over the last few months to be directed and driven home! Its time to take it to the next level, the level that will create the change that is being sought. Simply put, the OWS movement can no longer be delayed , deferred or denied, be it by politics, be it by leadership(or the lack of same) or even by the movement itself! This is a movement whos time has come and that time is now!!! In my own opinion , speaking individually, and not as a representitive of the OWS of course! So that is My overview, and I hope, for the nations sake that it is taken to heart! because this movement and the handling of same could be one of Americans greatest successes to date, but further mishandling of the situation could lead to one of America's greatest disasters!!!

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