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Friday, November 4, 2011

Karma strikes!!! Herman Cain Blame yourself!!!

They may go down as the 2012 election camapigns most famous last words, Herman Cain, who famously told the Occupy wall street posters to "blame yourself" for not being employed or rich, Herman Cain, who decried the existance of racism as a factor in modern America is now blaming any and everyone for his current political woes, and finding a racist in every newsroom!!! I've said it before  and i'll say it a million times more, Karma is a Bytch!!!! And when she strikes, she allways, allways leaves well earned regret behind!!! If you forget where you come from Mr. Cain karma will allways find a way to remind you!!!SO dont blame Rick Perry, dont blame Mitt Romney, dont blame the media, and dont blame racism, as you said Blame yourself!!! And, as you also said to the occupiers, Man up!!!!! Because this is politics, and at this level, they play rough!!!!

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