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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Post republican debate analysis/and a word about Herman cain

In the aftermath of the CNBC Republican debate we can now say that nothing has really changed! Mitt Romney still looks like the class of the bunch. The fact that this process is getting old is clearly reflected in that the only issue of substance the media could find to discuss regarding the debate, was Rick Perry's brain freeze moment(and no it is not a game ender for Perry) The fact of the matter is, all of the candidates have long ago crossed over into the realm of overexposure. And this media strategy may well backfire on the republicans as they seek the white house and the senate. Because, quite frankly, these debates have went from serious buisness, to much ado about nothing!These debates have undermined the republican base, not strengthened it. And it will indeed be a challenge on whomever emerges from the primaries to re-energize it! Simply put, for all these debates, and all the media speculation and procrastination, not a one of these candidates are or can be ruled out of the race! This is a matter that the people will truly decide. So simply put, everyone stay in the pool!!! Because until Iowa, for everyone, the water is fine!!!!

Now a word about Herman Cain, is it me, or is the media trying to paint Mr. Cain as shall we say,Not intelligent? Now, IF,there is any racism surrounding Mr. Cain's bid, I think it may be centered in that! And i think all the media pundits who are overtly, or subvertly pursuing this tack needs to stop! I am in no means a supporter of Mr. Cain but let's call a spade a spade here! Mr. Cain is no more intellectually challenged than the rest of the candidates so lets get off of that stereotype shall we!!!???? Herman cain has plenty in his record and platform to be against, we dont need racism added to the mix!!!

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