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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pre debate analysi & a word about 2012

Tonights republican debate focusing on national security should prove to be very interesting, a veritable refuge from reality for many  of the prospective nominees! I look forward to the extreme policies that will be advocated tonight and to see who will come closes to actually being a voice of reason in the wilderness that is Republican Securtiy policy! But, whatever the case and result of this debate is, and indeed whomever out of this field goes on to become the Repubican nominee, In the end, 2012 will come down to Barrack Obama, plain and simple! Because since election day 2008 this man has had a electorial camapign put in place against him, he has been ,for four years now, target no. 1 and enemy no. 1! The treasure trove of sound bites that he can avail himself of are many, from the infamous Limbaugh statement, to Mitch mcconnel's partisan posture!This election will not be the American moment of 2008. There will not be a Hillary Clinton in the race for Barrack Obama to springboard off of, or to benefit from as the "other" "anti" candidate. This race will be all about President Obama, a very personal and personalized race! The preview of which was seen in 2010, when the republicans ground machine outworked and outdid the democrats in conjuction with the Rise of their Tea party arm! Simply put the time for the dems to be at work was yesterday! Because with the historic gains of 2008 on the threshold of being wiped away, it is time for the democrats and Barrack Obama to light a fire in America because if they do not, then they are about to get burned by the republicans who are trying to light a fire all their own!!!

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