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Monday, November 28, 2011

Political leftovers

A few leftovers for the political plate! Is it time for the Occupy movement to occupy the message as opposed to city landscapes? Id say yes. The movement has been established and its time to employ it as a force for the change that it seeks!!!! Watch out 2012! The anybody but Romneny thing only highlights that it's the power that the republicans are interested  in, not the nation! What will happen if Michelle Bachman wins again In Iowa? Talk about upsetting the apple cart!!! Do you think Sarah Palin is now kicking herself for not getting in? Will this election become a "teachable moment" for President Obama? I hope not, because to be frank, If he loses then we lose BIG!!! Whatever happened to the TEA Party? Good riddance to Republican rubbish! With it being apparent that the Black vote will be the bulwark once again for democratic hopes dont you think its time that black issues were made priority by the party? If Obama loses in 2012 who will step forward as the new leader of the democratic party? And if the republicans lose in 2012 who will step forward as the leader of the republican party? Well thats enough of these political leftovers for today!

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