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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre debate Straight talk!

With yet another debate about to unfold this evening, this one supposedely on Foreign Policy, We we will watch ,with baited breath, to see what unfolds. Look for Newt Gingrich, spurred by the positive media of the past few days, to glom much of the spotlight, and also look for A Rick Perry surprise( personally I think he simply needs to abandon the telepromter and go off the cuff! After all whats he got to lose now? )Herman Cain will be tested, Ron Paul has no foreign Policy, Santorum will rant, Michelle Bachman remains a question. But tonight I beleive that , with only Mitt Romney, and his olympic experience being the only comeptitor, John Huntsman as a former Ambassador will shine. its tonight, its prime time, its the republicans (yet again). Now to see who will be the talk of Sundays morning media, for good or ill!

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