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Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Pub debate Staright talk

Not much to say about the Saturday night Republican debate(since it happened nearly exactly as I posted on saturday) Rick perry had a solid performance which went a long way towards helping people forget his senior moment, Herman Cain passed the intelligence test, and of course there was Newt reliving his glory days of 1996( except of course the part about leaving office in disgrace) and that is one of the things that is facinating me regarding this republican election, the political skeletons that are being convienently ignored by the media and many of the candidates in their public pursuit of the presidency!! For instance Newt ,as i said, left office in disgrace! Rick Santorum was voted out of office, Mitt was a one term Gov. There are these facts and so much more substance that has been left untouched in this debate process, and i am surprised that candidates like Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry and others , seemingly in order to maintain the republican lovefest, are blinding themselves to the facts! Because it is indeed the facts that should be thinning the republican herd here. Substance not style, but again we are talking about republicans here! This is a race for all the marbles here, and the fact that so many truths are being ignored here , in a heated and close race is insane!!! This is a race for the presidency people as we say in Boxing when a fight lacks action(and this fight clearly does(which is why it is still so undecided) its time to Mix it up!!!!

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