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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa caucuses, let the schism begin!!!!

And now finally, after months of debate and rampant media shaping and speculation, the process to nominate a republican challenger to President Obama will finally begin. And no matter who emeges from tonights caucus a winner, Unless its Mitt Romeny, this process could go on for a very long time!   To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, it takes over 2000 delegates to win a nomination, and the 25 delagates of Iowa are a long way for anyone from that! So, as the race finally begins, it must be remembered  by anyone seriously contending that  this is a race!!
A race for delegates, not for media favor! SO run, Mitt, run Michelle, run Rick and run John, Run Newt, and run other Rick( the racist one) and keep running little Ron! Because this is a race and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line! Not the one who toes the Media line! But as this race is run it needs to be understood that to the winner of 2012 will go all the spoils, the white house and congress, and to the losing party will go the very real danger of a schism within it!!! The repubpican party danger is very clear, but the democrats face the same danger as well ! A compounding fail of a Obama loss and total republican rule will launch(and rightly so) schism as well! So let the festivities begin because this is a VERY high stakes game!!!

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