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Sunday, January 22, 2012

POST Primary analysis

Simply Put, the worm has turned in The republican race! In the space of  one week Mitt Romney has went from THE candidate to one of three, and now with the race being split wide open the republiucans are almost certain to run on the campaign trail well into super tuesday and beyond!
MItt Romney, If he is to realize his dream, must take charge of this race, for it is his failure to do so which Opened the door for Newt Gingrich. If he is to lead, he must present the picture of a leader and that is something he has not done! His fumbling on the debate stage ALA Rick Perry in South Carolina, more than anything else killed his chances and it may have killed his campaign! Romney must and should have realized by now that this race is all about him. Win or lose, he simply now needs to decide if he wants to win or If he wants to lose. Are you in it to win it Mitt? Cause its time to prove it! As far as the "resurgence of Newt goes he has John King to thank for it! Because instead of giving the former speaker the admonishment he deserved for his continually whining about the media, he allowed him to walk all over him! THis is a presidential race Mr. Gingrich, not a race for Dog catcher if you cant stand the heat that comes along with it, if you cant stand being VETTED, then you need to get out of the race! And at the next debate , when the inevitable happens and Newt whines about the media, He must be taken to task by same!  Because the process cannot be constrained by a petulant sensisitvity to a public figure's public record and public issues! So South Carolina has changed the race and now the question is: Is Mitt Romney the next Republican Nominee, or the Next Rick Perry?We will see!

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