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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post Florida debate Analysis

In the Aftermath of the Florida debate it is clear that Newt Gingrich continues to defy the gravity of his past as he remains the front runner in Florida, but sooner or later the laws of Physics and reality will take hold and, like Humpty Dumpty ,Newt will come crashing down! Last evening was simply the first round, and much damage was inflicted upon Newt, and bravo to Mitt Romney for taking off the gloves. But he (Mitt) must realize that it was simply the first round, and that round 2, at thursdays debate he must press Newt Even harder! The facts are clearly there, for indeed the most telling fact of this debate was when Ron Paul pointed out that "it wasnt the way Newt said it was" in regards to his exit from Congress, but it was glossed over by the media in favor of the Non issue of Mitt Romneys tax returns. SO in the aftermath of this debate it must be clear that Newt is ground zero, and everyone, if they intend to remain relevant in this race, must place him in their bombsights! And then, if Newt can somehow survive this and Win Florida, then he may indeed be the republican front runner.

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