the Mosque in NYC yes or no

Friday, August 20, 2010

friday open bar

First drink: I'm very happy to see that the Obama administration, led by Sec of State Clinton is finally putting Middle East peace on the fast track. And hopefully. action will be delivered as opposed to the talk that has came regarding this issue, talk and nothing more, for years and years! I think the 2 state solution should be fully embraced and I think the world community should take the lead in providing the resources to make this happen. But once the new state stands, there must be no excuses given or accepted for terrorism, or the failure to accept Israels right to exist! A Palestinian state, or the lack of one, has been the focal point and launching pad for far too much over the years, so once this FINALLY happens ,it will be both a giant step towards a peaceful middle east, and A giant step in the war on terror. So yes, lets remove that cover please!

Second drink: The Mosque debate: So Rudy Giuliani has weighed in(and youd have to wonder would this have even been a issue if rudy were still mayor?) but Rudy has joined the chorus of people who say no to this development. the only question is: When will these voices be heeded? Any hope of fostering understanding and better relations between americans and the islamic community has been dashed due to simple stubborness. And for the final time, its not about religion or civil  rights its about choices and this was a bad choice!

And third and final drink the economy, what we really need to do:
People keep talking about how we need to cut the spending, and cut taxes. I ask those who continue to advocate this: Will the needs of the public end when you cut spending? Will the need for revenue end when you cut taxes? Its about revenue, its allways been about revenue, and it is the lack of revenue that has us in the situation we are now in.No revenue, no assets to drawn upon where does that leave us. to be frank we have invested far  too much money in this nation over the last year and 1/2 to have continued high unemployment as we now do. We need people on the tax rolls, that is where our american revenue comes from! You wanna shore up our revenue stream then create jobs, jobs, jobs, and that means corporate america must invest in AMERICAN WORKERS!!! We have cut taxes, we have cut spending and where has that gotten us?( I wonder how many people would like to return that tax cut check they got back in 2001 now) revenue is the fuel to our nations engine, and until we generate it, we are going to remain in the hole that tax and spending cuts have gotten us!

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