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Thursday, August 19, 2010

straight talk on the issues

A veritable smorgasboard of issues today,but for me one stands out the last combat troop left Iraq today. So president Obama delivered on a campaign promise.Wasnt too much hoopla or focus on it in the media, but hey Obama delivered! I understand Sec of State Hillary Clinton has given voice to the desparate need in Pakistan, Im sure that the world ,muslim and non muslim will heed the call! I wonder: for how much longer will those who want to Build this mosque At ground zero continue to stubborn stand against the wishes of the people?So much for building bridges between Islam and America. that's what happens when there is a total(and in my view)delibarate lack of consideration
of the consequences of your actions. America has been forever smeared by this stubborn stand it i going to lead to more terrorism not less and the fact that a little consideration could have avoided that is infuriating to me! and lastly I was watching Morning joe today on MSNBC and they were commenting on how haley barbour is now the most powerful republican in America, and how he is the front runner for the republican nod for president in 2012-13. Haley Barbour? Somehow I dont think so. The publican party is in desparate times. They have banged the gong relentlessly, but when they have put up candidates they have come up sadly short. To be frank my republican friends,  parrotting Rush Limbaugh and Fox news isnt going to win elections. putting up REAL candidates will! That is the appeal of republican  juggernauts like Sarah Palin. She seems(to republicans and conservaties anyway) real. I think personally that her association with Fox is undermining her creditability. not enhancing it, and if she is seriosuly considering a run, she needs to work harder at other media outlets. To keep it simple the republican party is on the brink, and if the democrats land a knockout punch in Nov, Haley Barbour is definately not the one who is going to get them off of the canvas so to speak. The republicans need real candidates and they need them fast!
And this is coming from someone who observed Ronald Reagan during his last term and who watched closely   Gov Mario Cuomo at the height of his powers.
Now is that some good joe or what?

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