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Monday, August 30, 2010

Barbarians at the Gate?

So we were treated in America, on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech to the spectacle of Glenn Beck, CNN reject and Fox Blovator, speaking about God, and Honor. Pontificating about how" the experiment didnt work "and other such fol-del- rol. I think a song from James Brown said it best "talking loud and saying nothing. And It is sad, truly sad that a sector of America can be so easily motivated , and so easily manipulated.I ask you:what cause does glenn beck stand for other than ratings and self promotion? Did  he restore and honor to those he defamed and espunged with his racist comments on past radio shows? What Glenn Beck did was expose further A side of America that we dont need to see, a side that is motivated not by the positive, as Dr King was, but by the negative! And remember that is what Glenn Beck was all about prior to this event! And yes his commenatry has been the stuff of racist legend! And when a man such as this can motivate Americans , regardless of the debated number, it speaks ill for this nation! In this time when we need true unity, yet another divider springs to the fore. Another barbarian at the gate! Simply put: Go away Mr. Beck we dont want any of what you are selling! Because it is the same swill that causes us to build walls in Arizona and California, to employ racial profiling as a policy in Arizona, it is the same poison that puts muslim americans at risk in america. We have enough barbarians at our gates Glenn Beck, we certainly dont need home grown ones as well!

And speaking of racism and the Glenn Beck like, It was very sad to hear about the attack on the Muslim cabbie in NYC last week, and the rise of hatred against Muslims in certain places in America,because we are better than that in this nation, but again I  must state that there is no way in Hell  that the people who proposed this mosque could not see what this action would do! You cant rub salt in a open wound and not expect a reaction. I only hope they are ready for Next saturday! Because that is going to be something else!

Katrina had its anniversary over the weekend, and this great America failure brings to mind another:Why is it that some 10 years after 9/11/01 Nothing has been constructed of merit at ground zero? If you ask me, that is a even greater outrage than the building of a mosque there! The Gov cant rebuild New Orleans, Cant rebuild ground zero  all under a republican watch by the way, something to consider as we head towards the ballot box in Nov!

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