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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The thin line between right & wrong

A s the furor over the Mosque issue reaches a crescendo with the approching 9/11/01 anniversary, we must all strive to remember that there is a thin line between love & hate, that there is a thin line between what's right and what's wrong. We must remember that while its right to protest and debate on issues and principles, its wrong to condemn and judge with bias and unreasoning hatred!
We must remember that this is America, we are supposed to be better than that! This is a issue of concern, of consideration, its a issue that we must walk squarely the staright and narrow. Because what we do here, will influence(and indeed it has allready) the view of America in much of the world. And while the public who stand against this mosque have every right to raise issue and concern, we cannot allow ourselves to be seen as the Ugly american. And by the same token, those who stand in support of the Mosque cannot afford to be blind to the concerns of those who stand against them. 9/11/01 still remains a gaping wound in the american psyche, just as the very site remains a gaping wound in the Island of Manhattan. But what ever the cause, what ever the issue, whatever the concerns ,we must remain  americans , a nation united.THAT must be of primary concern here, more than religion, race, color or creed. Because just as all americans died on 9/11/01 regardless of race ,color, creed or religion, so must we stand and live together in its aftermath. We are traipsing the thinnest of lines here,and we as a nation must keep our balance and come to a common ground here. Because this issue is not a religious issue, its not a hate issue, its a american issue, and as the anniversary of 9/11/01 fast approaches, it would do well for everyone from the highest politican to the lowest protestor to remember that!

And speaking of american issues, tonights primarys will be a measure for the future in america , and the future in american politics. For indeed as John Mccain, and Kendrick Meek go tonight , So will go the nation.  Rhetoric versus reality. Will the rhetoric of the republicans win out over the reality of the democrats? If rhetoric wins the day, then america will be returned to republican rule inNov. But if reality wins the day, the very republican rules that was just voted out two years ago will be effectively crippled. Rhetoric versus reality. High stakes gambling, for the future of the nation, for the future of you and me. So I hope you all are watching closely, because its your future at stake here people!

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