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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the day after

So the day after primary day has come in America. And, despite all of the hype and hyperbole, the democrats still stand  . And to the republicans frustration. No fodder for their grist mill arose from last evening. Indeed what happened last evening may indeed spell the death knell for republican interests and republican hopes. It seems that the Tea party is doing more damge to republicans  than it is to democrats. The schism that is the Tea party is like the snake that has swallowed its own tail, slowly consuming itself.How many republicans I wonder, were secretly hoping that John Mccain went down to defeat last evening.For indeed that would have been a real jump on point for the republicans, a opportunity for them to link arms offically with the tea party. But it didnt happen and the republicans are now at odds with themselves, working at cross purposes towards the same goal. From what I saw last evening, things look very bleak for republican hopes to claim power, indeed they are going to be hard pressed to hold their own. I think Kendrick Meek is a lock to defeat Marco Rubio in Fla and make history, and on that day the republican party will then miss and appreciate Charlie Crist! Sound and fury is one thing, but solid and valid candidates are another. The republicans have effectively rabble roused, but if you look at the races nationwide, who do they have that truly excites and ignites the electorate? Negative issues are one thing, but Positive candidates are another. And without such candidates all that sound and fury raised by the republicans may end up signifying nothing!

This election ,like most elections is the democrats to lose, and sadly they have a history of finding ways to do just that!But if they can muster up the will to fight and the will to win, if they create effective campaign strategies and plans of attack in the next 2 months, the great republican rise to power in 2010 could end up being a even greater fall for them than the election of 2008.  So ,The day after primary day in America I think the dems can say as Rocky said to Clubber Lang in rocky III  as it pertains to the republicans: "U aint so bad!" And the republicans need to worry. because I saw nothing in last nights results that bolsters their assertions and hopes of taking back power in 2010.

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