the Mosque in NYC yes or no

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mosque pit

As everyone who hasnt been under a rock now knows, THE major issue of concern, the latest political football of note, is the prospect of a Muslim mosque being built in the shadow of the former WTC site. As you know most people consider this site"hallowed ground" a view I personally concur with, so it should have been a surprise to noone when the ire that has been raised was raised over this proposal. We've heard all about how there is a a protected right to do this, and yes there is, but I think the question is: Is it right? I think the clear answer from day one has been known, and I am beginning to believe that those who are so intent on building this Mosque knew that this controversy would be the result of their actions, and in fact, that is what they wanted.

It has been asserted that those who wish to build this mosque are "Good Muslims" But I ask you, what good has come out of this proposal? It certainly is not advancing either the cause of Islam in America, and it certainly isnt advancing America into the good graces of the Muslim world.  You could call it a dumb idea, but Im beginning to think it was far more than that.
Now noone can or should ever be allowed to deny any religion its rights in America. It is one of the fundamental foundations of America and american values, and everyone who has stood up or is standing up for that from President Obama down to Mayor Bloomberg is to be commended for it. But the questions must be asked 1: Is it right? And 2:  Is there more to  it than that? Becasue as it becomes a growing political issue in America, it is also becoming a growing political issue in the international  muslim community, and I ask you all , do you really honestly believe that the people who proposed this mosque were so blindly ignorant of what was to come?

I think not.

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