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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saying No to the party of no!!!

A turning point may have been reached with this furor over the expiring Payroll tax cut. Because with the american public recoiling in horror at the sheer politics of the effort, and with republican leadership recoiling in horror of the thought of the tide turning in their effort to unseat OBama, and take back full control of capitiol hill, morning may have finally come to the House Of Representitives!!! This is clearly a hand that was overplayed, the veritable straw that broke the camels back! And as someone who was around for the last such tide turning debacle in the 90's, Sen Mcconnell sees a disaster in the making!!! America has finally, along with President Obama, said no to the party of no! America is saying enough with the politics and the posturing and though they may not like it, it is time for the House of Representitives to listen! This is people lives that you continue to manipulate for political fodder and benefit! The American people are tired of crisis after crisis, political game after political game, and despite all the efforts to paint the Obama administration as the culprit for everything that has gone wrong in America, this Payroll tax cut fiasco is showing the situation in America for what it truly is! The nightmare scenario for the republicans is coming to pass, a nightmare that Sen Mcconnell allready lived thru once, and clearly doesnt want to live thru again! America is finally saying no to the party of no and if they know whats good for them they better listen!!!

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