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Thursday, December 8, 2011

And so it goes(the payroll Tax cut) And a word about hope & change

And so it goes in Washington DC, the obstruction and politicking that has driven Americans to the streets!Why is it that the only thing congress can agree on is their own wealth and benefits? The American people clearly need to be placed above politics and the game of thrones, especially with millions unemployed, our forces deployed nationally, and with our massive debt burden. But for nothing more than the sake of politics our nation is in a quagmire, and for nothing more than the lust for power we are in political gridlock!! Not one issue, not a one in the last three years hasnt come down to last minute struggle and failed  compromise. This congress may be the worst in history, even worse than the one that Newt Gingrich headed, and by the way Where is Speaker Boehner By the way? He's been as quiet as a mouse TOO quiet!!! Simply put what is going on in DC and what has gone on in DC for the last 3 years is a insulting sham and a shame and all the participants involved need to be held to account!!  Now  a word about hope & change! Gov Chris Christie blamed Americans recently for the failings of his elected comrades. Well Gov Christie let me say that believing in Hope and desiring change is not, and never will be garbage, indeed those are two of the building blocks that this nation stands upon, but the fact that from day one republicans like yourself vowed in word and deed to defeat and deny hope and change THAT is garbage!!! Enough said!

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