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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pre Final Pub debate Analysis

Look for tonights Final Republican debate to be a veritable donnybrook(yes black people can say donnybrook) as the candidate push and jockey for that coveted position of the winner of the Iowa caucus. Newt will try to remain cool, but he is clearly feeling the heat, Mitt Romney  will continue to twist in the political winds and at the whims of a media that has turned solidly against him. A word of Advice Mitt, just be you, thats all you can be! And If i were you, I would convey that very message to the public this evening! Rick Perry may be in a position to make a stunning charge to the front here, watch out for him. And Michelle Bachman knows that she can win Iowa, having done it once, and tonight she will do everything tonight to remind people of that fact, or she should! Ron Paul will be Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum will Hope for a Miracle, while Jon Huntsman will wonder why they just dont seem to get him(Republican Voters) Look for tonight to be quite the republican spectacle in Iowa. because this is the end of the Beginning of the republican presidential nominating process(Thank the gods that be!!!)

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