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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Courage of your convictions(Herman Cain's exit from the GOP race)

SO Herman Cain has exited the GOP presidential race, driven out by the media, personal peccidillos, and politics! And the sad fact of this is that, had he simply the courage of his own convictions, what could havebeen a great victory for him, has led to a disheartening defeat! This was not the time to cut and run, this was the time to fight, this was the time to seize the moment! People may ridicule Bill Clinton about it, but when he seized the moment with his"I did not have sex with that woman"comment, it was that moment that turned the tide and led to his second term! The moment when he, instead of cutting and running, decided to stand and fight! And I daresay, he had  far more to lose than Herman Cain. And look at the result! By standing up and showing that he had the courage of his convictions, he(Bill Clinton) went from the possibility of being one of the worst presidents in history to becoming one of the best!(and it must also be noted, there was another GOP candidate who is currently in this race who also lacked the courage of his convictions and who also got out of politics when faced with such a dillema as well, his name being current GOP front runner Newt Ginghrich!) The courage of your convictions.The willingness to seize the moment, and the gumption to not seek the easy road out, but to stand and fight!! Its sad that Herman Cain didnt possess these qualities, Because it is that which separates Presidents from also rans!!!! And it is that which separates good presidents from GREAT ones!!!

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