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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Heart is in the wrong place( Senate GOP tax plan)

After seeing the basic premises of the Senate GOP tax plan, clearly the GOP's heart is in the wrong place! Firstly, in the middle of the worst economy since the great depression and with Unemeployment hovering at 9%, they want to cut jobs, Federal jobs! News flash GOP! A job is a JOB, doesnt matter if its A Gov. job or no! And you have been so wrong on that score for so long!!! But what really struck me about this plan was the hilarious premise of Testing Millionares???? What the hell is that???!!! Are you a millionare or simply pretending to be one? If you have a high income, but its not truly a millionaire income then you are spared paying a fair share? It is such madness like this, that has endeared the republican party so much to the masses as of late.Indeed it is policies like this that has driven everyday americans to occupy the streets!!! The GOP, the party of which Grinching is a full time job!

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