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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Politics and repercussions

As they on capitol hill( as per usual) cotninue to jockey for political position at the cost of the American  peoples peace of mind and security, we the people need to understand that in 2012 we have the chance and the power to make our voices heard, and to make our feelings known. Because make no mistake, there are those on capitol hill who count on our silence! Who take into account our supposed ignorance, who feel we are apethetic to all their doings there! Myself, I look at how, from day one, the republicans have focused on insuring that Barrack Obama fails( and if Obama is as smart as he fancies himself to be, he, and the DNC for that matter, needs to saturate the airwaves with advertisement after advertisement highlighting the statements of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachman & Mitch mcconnell hoping that he fails, that he is a one term president and that stopping his agenda is my primary goal, statements made by those individuals in that order!) What has happened over the last four years, and indeed ,what continues to happen on capitol hill is a affront and a insult to the intelligence of America, and I am of the mind that Americans dont like being insulted or played for fools! And that, more than anything else, must be the repercussion for the politics that have been relentlessly played on captiol hill!! Nothing would please me more than to see the architects of all this political chaos run out of power as they were in 2008, and as they should be again in 2012, run out of Washington DC!!! Because to be frank, as long as the outrageous, powermongering, self serving, millionare defending, racist republicanism continues to have even a part of the stage, we as a nation will continue to suffer the repercussion of such politics!!!!!

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