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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here we go again?

So, once more America is taken into the political breach by the naievete of President Obama in ever believing in Bi-partisanship on captiol hill, and the overreaching, all encompassing desire of the republican party to reassume the totoal political control they lost in 2008!!! Has there been one bill, one matter, that the republicans , since they regained control of the House, have reached consensus and agreement with the Obama administration? One?! Has there been one matter , one, since the republicans regained the house, that has not placed the quality of American lives in doubt? One?!! And, given this tunnel visioned, uncaring premise and stance that is continually taken by the republican party, would you, as a voter in 2012 find them fit to lead? Would you find the premise of them assuming  control a palatable one? I think the answer to that question is very clear, at least it is for me! And, as we are taken once more on a roller coaster ride in 2012, it will be up to every responsible voter to remember just who is the party and the people REALY responsible for taking the american people for this continous ride down the partisan political track!!!

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