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Friday, December 16, 2011

Post Final Pub debate Analysis

With it all on the line, the Pubs didnt disapoint, and heck the Fox moderators even showed some fair and balaced moderating last evening in Iowa! And with it all on the line, the candidates showed that this race, until the data is gathered in Iowa, is wide open, and every one of the candidates could garner this first in the nation victory!Everyone went after Newt, Newt countered, Rick Perry picked up his debate game, as he analgolized ,like Tim Tebow in the final moments, Michelle Bachman showed her toughness( she hasnt done so well with out her red dress though) and Ron Paul was, for a Shining Moment, a voice of reason and sanity! Mitt Romney avoided serious damage, and clearly is in the drivers seat, but while he can survive a loss in Ohio, a loss in New Hampshire would be devastating! But right now, Mitt Romney is the only candidate with nothing to lose in Iowa and everything to gain!  Because if ,by some moment of Lucidity in the republican party, he wins Iowa, this race is all but over! But since when has Iowa been known for Lucidity?
Anyway now, finally the prelims are now over, its time for all the dust and smoke to settle and its time for the republican party to decide:WHO'S going to be the republican nominee!!!!???? JAN 3 2012 America. When  the battle for the future TRULY begins!!!

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