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Saturday, April 23, 2011

political easter basket

Political eatser basket

Here's a few eggs in the political basket this easter weekend: Speaks volumes that Donald Trump is getting so much political heat as a leading republican potential presidential candidate. Trump has to decide if  is hes going to be a true candidate or if he will be the next Carl Pallidino! Like a zombie moive here comes yet another attempt to elect Mitt Rommney, when will they learn, the public just doesnt elect stiffs! Michele Bachman replacing Sarah Palin? Now that's a stretch, and a big one! Sarah is  like a alaskan salmon swimming upstream! Nature has given her all the tools to succeed and she will, like it or not, and clearly the party does not!  It's dog pile on the USA as it pertains to the debt rating. The USA is still the USA last time I checked. I for one, hope that Obama isnt soley counting on that old Obama magic to win the white house in 2012. Dont know anyone who caught lightning in a bottle twice! There is no Hillary to ride in this election! But there is Paul Ryan! Why is John Mccain Touring the middle east like he's responsible for the change that is happening there? Its the arab people stupid!And with that ,Happy easter everyone!

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