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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama's stand

With his speech yesterday on America economic future, President Obama took a stand , one that I hope evey democrat and every american will join him on! Because it is unconcionable, and unacceptable for the rich ,as americans bear and share the burden of massive cuts in services, to not want to pay their fair share! It is unacceptable for the rich and for those politicans who support them to not want to end the bush tax cuts for those who dont need or frankly deserve them in this time of economic crisis! Simply put the president has staked out a prime position on this issue. And if he and the dems continue to POUND away and focus on this issue. it will propel them very well into the 2012 electorial cycle! I hope that the lesson of the health care debacle has been learned here, because we have seen where capitulation and running away can get us! Its time to take a stand a stand on whats right and whats wrong and simply put, the republicans and the tea party areas wrong as wrong can be onstanding for massive cuts while sitting back and allowing the rich to baisically be unscathed in the process! And every politican who stands on the wrong side of this issue, be they republican, tea partier, or coweardly self--serving democrat, needs to be held to account on this point! Obama took a stand, and it is a good one, because it is on the political high ground! and everyone needs to join him there!!!

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