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Friday, April 8, 2011

The worst kind of Hypocracy, the Political Kind!

AS America lurches towards A govermental shutdown, the fact that it is purely  politically motivated is one thing, that fact that it is filled with hypocracy is another! And the worst kind of hypocracy that is afoot here, is the hypocracy   that allows for the Gov to be shutdown, putting millions of people out of work and putting their services on hold, while the politicans who engineered this are continued to be paid regardless! There are tax payer dollars and then there are tax payer dollars! Hypocrites! Where are the tea party members of the republican alliance about that little fact? You want to talk about saving money and being fiscally responsible, where are the tea party memebers or the republican on giving back part of their salaries to bring down the budget, or for taking a pay cut?! What happened to leading by example!? The example this shutdown will set is once again, politics as usual!! Washington doing what Washington allways does, posture and self serve! And the hypocracy being exhibited here is the worst kind the political kind!! And once again the republicans have taken in the lead in it!!!!

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