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Thursday, April 28, 2011

the Birther Issue: Is Obama the sherrif of Rock Ridge?

Simply put, THIS BIRTHER ISSUE  was demanining  to the office of the presidency, demeaning to Barrack Obama as a man, and demeaning to the great country that we call America!It shows that for all the high ideals we espouse  worldwide, we are at heart ,and in our nations core evidently , a nation of intolerant, racist haters! Nothing more than racial profiling! The fact that the president, the elected president, has to stoop to address  such a issue speaks volumes agaist America, and against americans!  When will black be good enough? Apparently never! As a black man who endures his share of racism, a black man who allways has to defend himself and who has to bear the burden of racism and other peoples  BS  Because (SHAME ON ME) I have dreams, wants, aspirations and desires, I can emphathise  with how our president has to feel. Its like being the damn sherrif of rock ridge( see the movie blazing saddles if you dont know what i mean.) This is a black mark on America and it only proves that  while we have come a long way in america when it comes to race & racism, we sure do have a long way to go!!!! And I dont know about you, but as a black man, Im tired of wandering in the racist wilderness!!!

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