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Sunday, April 10, 2011

in praise of the prez and a repost!

With the Shutdown avoided, I'd just like to offer some well deserved praise for our current president, Barrack Obama! It is amazing how he perseveres, in the face of such overt bias, racism and politics, and he meets it all continually with a smile. And though Im sure the unbelieveable pressure of his office and station has taken its toll(which can be seen in the grays and wrinkles that werent there 3 short years ago) Barrack Obama has , as the first BLACK president, done it well and has laid the foundation for the future! And he has done it in the tradition of Dr. king which speaks volumes, because in his position and enduring all that he has, im surprised that he hasnt exploded! As the first Black president while he hasnt been, for black people, all that we would want, he has demonstarted to the world, that he is all we could be! And I, as a black man am VERY proud of the president for that!!! So as OUR president continues onward thru all the brickbats, browbeating, and all the rest, I hope he knows that we in the Black community have taken great pride in his conduct as president, which has been beyond reproach!

And now, in Honor of that conduct, Id like to repost something which shows just how amazing the conduct of the president is in the face of all that he has faced in his first term:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Political stew 125

Here's a yummy stew of all things political folks! Firstly: If Donald trump is truly going to run for president, then he needs to get away from the same old mantras because they will diminish and trivialize his campaign very quickly! And to the mantras of which I speak, let us ONCE AND FOR ALL bring a end to the"birther"Nonsense! So are all those who keeping brining up this insulting and frankly racist nonsense saying that ever since Barrack Obama became a public officical noone in the city of chicago or the countyof same, Noone from the state of Illinois, noone from washington dc, the Us senate, CIA,NSA, FBI,SECRET SERVICE,IRS, SOCIAL SECURITY, noone has definitive knowledge of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES citizenship?  this is a most insulting and racist statement and it indeed speaks volumes on just how far we havent come in America! enough with the "birther" BS, and anyone who is truly trying to be a public official or is a public official or Media person needs to stop with such drivel! because its ignorant, insulting and racist"Ni--er wheres your Id?" WTF????

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