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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The body Politic

Question people: why must everything embody politic on capitol hill? What is more important the people or the body politic. Evidently, from the continued unceasing republican efforts, it is the body politic hands down! While people are unemployed by the millions, while many americans cannot afford decent health care, or decent schools, the efforts to address these pressing issues and others that affect americans are being delayed and deferred, even denied, by the body politic! And to be frank, that is so wrong! Instead of spinning and trvializing the issues for again, the body politics, dont you think, as (and I use the term loosely) LEADERS, that the issues need to be addressed in a responsible apolitical way? Because that is the illness, the virus that so affects the body politic, politics for politics  sake. And that ,more than anything else ,is what has most contributed to the decline of America as a nation! The body politic, enough allready!!!

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