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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the Prez, the pubs, and priorities!

As President Obama prepares to speak to the nation about the withering cuts that are about to  be inflicted on Americans, and as the repubpicans prepare to make political hay out of the situation at the expense of the poor, familes and all the  rest, I would  say to all in washington, that it is well past time to get your priorities in order! Because if there is something that is too big to fail it is the american people! And they are too big for you to fail washington! And make no mistake every cut is a giant fail, every slash is a giant fail! How is it that education, medical care, and all the rest can suffer,but millionares and billionares cannot and will not bear any burden, any fair share? Where is the bailout for education, for health care, for everyday americans? Washington, in its pursuit of fiscal prudence has clearly lost sight of the true priorities of this government and of this nation, and that priority is to its people! The everyday people, the people who are and will be the most hurt by the draconian cuts that are about to be imposed! Priorities Washington DC get them in order. Or to paraphrase, protect women ,children, seniors and everyday people, not millionares!!!!!

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