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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Only in the Bizarroworld that is republican politics, conservative politics, tea party politics, could Donald Trump now be considered a front runner for the nomination of president! Not for being a valid candidate, not for his contributions to society, but simply due to his somehow taking a issue that is clearly and has been clearly wrong, the Birther issue, and making it, for many, somehow right! Its very sad that for many Americans things like hope and change arent as  important as the Birther issue, but it is a clear statement that there is something VERY wrong with america, republican america, conservative america, when a issue that is clearly wrong and has been wrong can propel and serve as a platform for a presidentital run! Bizarro world! Where right is wrong, wrong is right, up is down, and down is up! Bizarroworld! The bizarro world of republican politics, of conservative politics, of Tea party Politics. A world where Donald Trump is now a front runner for the nomination of president. Not because he wants to create hope or bring change to America, but because he reaffirmed, for far too many americans that right is wrong!!! To be quite frank thats is some F-ed up shit!! And they wonder why so many are disillusioned with politics/!

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