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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Keeping Up Appearances!!!!

YOUD think that Congress, with its never ending series of hearings, committees, and investigations are in fact doing their jobs, but, as we well know in America , APPEARANCES can be deceiving!!!! All Congress is doing, and indeed has done for the last 5 years now, is keep up appearances!!! Pursuing scandal and Politics in order to avodi the real issue in America, the UNEMPLOYED and the long term Jobless, something that will require and does require WORK, and INVESTMENT!!!!! But with  the huge challenge such a REAL issue presents, and with it also being a political minefield for most Republicans, you can bet that it would be, and it has been, avoided like the plague!!!! Yes This congress hasnt yet met a scandal or concern that
they havent embraced, because they have to at least keep up the appearance of doing it's job! But, as the Millions of Unemployed and long term unemployed can tell you, they havent done ANYTHING!!!!! A little less politics and scandal, and a LOT more working for the PEOPLE Washington DC!!!

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