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Monday, May 20, 2013

When the BULLY gets bullied!!!!

Of all the wusses, there is no bigger crybaby than a bully who finally gets bullied!!! And that is whats happening here in the advent of this IRS scandal!! The republicans have done and broken every ethical and traditional practice in order to unseat Barrack Obama, the TEA Party  itself was a frankensteins monster created for the sole purpose of garnering republican power and undermining emocratic interest, the Birther madness, the questions about the presidents faith,  that and so much more, and there was never even a glimmer of outrage in the republican eye!! But now, when the shoe is on the other foot, when the script has been flipped, when the BULLY is actually the one being mistreated, being bullied, now listen to the wails and the caterwauling!!!! While the IRS scandal is clearly taking it too far( and who indeed has been the architects of this extreme political climate republicans?) I do think that America can, and should be spared the outrageous hypocracy that has emerged from the republican party regarding this matter! As the republican party has said on numerous occasions after a outrageous public faux pas has been discovered:"This does not represent the democratic party as a whole" so lets end the Martyring please!!!

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