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Friday, May 17, 2013

THe NEVER ENDING story(Politics as usual!!!)

AS Washington ,once again, focuses more on scandal than substance, on politics more than the issues of concern in America, the NEVER ENDING story that is politics  as usual in America continues!!! It is sad that in the last quarter century in America, Beginning with the Clinton Administration and continuing to the present day Obama Administration, the republican party has pursued a NEVER ending story of Politics as usual!! A story filled with the muck and mire of scandal, innuendo, speculation, smears and schemes!!! And the sad fact is,for the American people, this story never has a happy ending for us! And just when you think the book is closed on this practice, be it from whitewater to lewinskygate the republicans find a way to reopen it!!!! SO now, once again, the republicans are reading from that same failed tome! Hoping that it will finally prove to be a story with a happy ending as they see it, with the republican party back in control of America!!! But the republicans need to come to grips with the fact that America just  read another book in 2012, and it had a happy ending!! And despite everything from IRS gate to Benghazi, they will more than likely want to read that same book over again in 2016,   to the republicans dismay!!!! I only hope that in 2016, the republicans will finally put down their preferred reading material, for a better read!!!!

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