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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hillary Clinton:Why she should run in 2016!

As it has ever been since she , and her husband, came to political prominence in America, Former 1st lady, Former Sen, and Former Secretary of Satte Hillary Clinton dances in the eye of a political storm. A storm of questions and concern with what she is thinking, what she is doing and most importantly of all what she will do? And while noone can truly profess to know her mindset(except of course her husband)  People can speculate or , as I am about to do, suggest. And MY suggestion is that Hillary Clinton answer the call of history and destiny and run for President in 2016! Because as a candidate, as a Democrat, and as a woman, noone is better suited for the run! She has the experience not only in terms of a elected official, but as someone who has run for office at the presidential level, but as someone who has been privvy to the workings of the office of the president itself on a daily basis!! Simply put she knows the office inside and out!!!! And when you get past all the nonsense and naysaying, all of the media hyperbole and the rest,  She has the mentality, and leadership quality, that America could benefit from, not to mention the connections and friends in high places that she can call upon to aid her in the white house if she is elected President. For nearly a quarter century Mrs Clinton has had a Birds eye view of the world and the nation, a quarter century of knowledge and experience that she could readily apply, and that nearly all who would run against her would pale in comparision to! And, unlike President Obama, she will not be as hamstrung by political or legacy concerns as he has been, because as I have said here, this is not her first time at this dance!!!! Vast experience, vast intelligence, and Vast resources of people to call upon. And that is why I suggest to Mrs Clinton that she should run, because she is NEEDED!!! Plain and simple!!!

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