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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Election 2016: The View from up there!

Whomever becomes the Next president in the 2016 elections will have to have a execeptional and open world view if they are to be president, because by 2016 the world and the world view will have indeed changed!! With the Middle east in flux, Europe in question ,and Russia a concern there, while China is challenging the entire asian theatre, the next President of the USA
will have to primarily establish himself, and America along with them, at the forefront of the world view!! And they will have to be a person who understands that it is ECONOMIC POWER, not military strength that will command the day on the world stage! It is ECONOMICS that will dictate, ECONOMICS that will lead, and ECONOMICS that the world will follow into the future!!  They will need to understand the power of the US market and how to wield it!!! Because it is a fearsome thing! ( Just ask President Putin!!) There are those who will push for and hope to pursue the old failed ways, thinking that Guns and troops are the way forward, but the president , the next president must be strong enough to advance a economic agenda that strengthens America's ECONOMIC position at home and in the world!! Because that is the key to the future!THAT is what will change and influence the world view, and the person who undertands this best WILL BE the next president!!!! The next president whomever that will be, will be called in global service as a leader, and they will have to come from a position of strength, ECONOMIC strength to do so!!! To be able to address the threats and issues of agression, terror, and failed states! A ECONOMICALLY Empowered America, and the president who leads it, will be quite the future force. And in 2016 we will see just who comprehends and is ready to wield that force!!!

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